International MBA
Scholarship Challenge 2014

Competition Process

How to Enter

To enter the competition, each applicant must:

  1. Register an account at
  2. Log into using the email and password combination you used to register.
  3. Complete the challenge by the March 2, 2014 competition deadline.

The entire entry and application process must be completed within the given time frame of the competition.

Registration and application to the International MBA Scholarship Challenge 2014 is free of charge.

Judging criteria & winner selection

A panel of judges from Nyenrode Business Universiteit will evaluate applications and determine the winners.

The judging criteria will be based on:

  1. Results of multiple-choice questions
  2. Professional and educational background
  3. Leadership potential
  4. Stewardship attitude
  5. Entrepreneurial abilities
  6. Motivation
  7. Communication skills

The competition organizers reserve the right to choose the winners at their sole discretion. Although not anticipated, competition rules and prizes may be changed or altered at any time.


The competition organizers reserve the right to substitute or modify the judging panel at any time and for any reason. Judges have the right to withdraw without advance notice in the event of extenuating circumstances beyond their control. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into by the judges in relation to that decision.


Please see Prizes for a full description of the prizes.

No alternative prizes or cash equivalents will be offered.

If you are selected as a winner and are unable to accept the prize, you cannot transfer the prize or designate someone else as the winner.

If you are unable or unwilling to claim your prize, we may award it to the next highest scoring entrant. If you accept a prize, you will be solely responsible for all applicable taxes related to accepting that prize.

Read more about the Terms & Conditions for Nyenrode Revolving Scholarship Program that also applies for the challenge winner here and below section “Conditions concerning acceptance of the scholarship prize”.

Additionally, the non-finalists who are invited to the MBA Weekend will be reimbursed for their travel costs. However, the reimbursement can take up to a 45 days after providing Nyenrode Business Universiteit with receipts.

Note: only participants who apply to the International MBA program at Nyenrode Business Universiteit will be eligible for invitation to the MBA Weekend.

Nyenrode Business Universiteit reserves the right not to award a scholarship in the event that there are no suitable candidates that showcased adequate talents during the competition or no candidates who fully meet the application and admissions criteria of the organization’s International MBA program.


The competition winners will be formally notified on April 3, 2014 following the live finale event at Nyenrode Business Universiteit via the online platform of this competition.


All finalists must ensure they can attend one of the Google hangout sessions during the Grand Finale event (April 3, 2014) and have access to the required software.

Entry Conditions

All applicants must submit to the terms and conditions as stated by Student Competitions. For the full terms and conditions, click here.

Applicants can only compete with one entry in the competition.

Applicants must apply individually.

Applicants must provide truthful and accurate information regarding contact and personal information.

All entry material should be presented and submitted in English.

Applicants must ensure that all photographs, text and other submitted materials are created and owned by the applicant.

We cannot be held responsible for any unauthorized use of your entry by visitors to the International MBA Scholarship Challenge 2014 website. After the competition is over, your submission and its contents may be used at the discretion of competition organizers.

Only entries that are duly received by the closing date will be eligible for the competition. We cannot accept responsibility for entries that are lost, delayed or damaged. Proof of sending an online entry is not proof that we received it.

Entries not submitted in accordance with these terms and all other rules and directions, or entries that are incomplete or illegible (at the sole discretion of the competition organizers) will be excluded from the competition..

Claiming Conditions

In order to make use of the reward, the winners of the revolving scholarships are required to apply and be admitted to the program International MBA at Nyenrode starting in October 2014. For more information about the admission process and requirements, click here.

Winning the scholarship is no guarantee that participants will successfully complete the International MBA admission process and/or the International MBA degree. The winners need to meet all official conditions during the International MBA program. Depending on the unique talents and quality that have been demonstrated throughout the competition, non-winners are still eligible for other scholarships that may be offered by the organization or other parties.

If the winner fail to be admitted in the program or does not apply before the deadline established in this rules, he/she will loose the right to make use of the revolving scholarship. The revolving scholarships awarded via this competition are applicable only for the International MBA program starting in October 2014. Therefore, the winner can not make use of this scholarship for any other program at Nyenrode or for the International MBA program in following years.

Use of Information

We will use any personal information submitted in accordance with the Terms & Conditions.

By entering this competition, you consent to the use by the organizers of all images, text and materials that you submit for any purpose, in any media, for an unlimited period, without remuneration. We have the right to publish, display, reproduce, adapt, promote or otherwise use entries in any way we deem fit. You warrant that you are legally entitled to grant these rights to us and agree to indemnify us in the event that we suffer any loss as a result of false information provided by the applicant.

By entering this competition you agree that if you win you will participate in any promotional activities or material required by and the organizer, without additional payment or permission, as we may request.

Non-applicants interested in the competition are also encouraged to register on the competition website. Registration will be required in order to receive updates on the competition.


By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree to abide by the ‘Student Competitions’ Terms & Conditions in relation to your use of the Student Competitions website.

We are not liable for any damage, loss or disappointment suffered by you for taking part or not being able to take part in this competition.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we may alter, amend or foreclose the competition without prior notice.

We reserve the right to change these terms at any time.

These terms are governed by Swedish law and therefore you submit to the jurisdiction of the Swedish courts.

Conditions Concerning Acceptance of the Scholarship Prize

All scholarships provided by Nyenrode Fund and/or Nyenrode Business Universiteit are revolving. That means that by accepting the scholarship, the winning student also accepts the moral (not legal) obligation to make a new scholarship available by becoming a donor of the Nyenrode Fund in years following graduation. The winner will be asked to sign a document in which he/she acknowledges that his/her study at Nyenrode was made possible through the gifts of the Nyenrode alumni and morally commits him/herself to offer that same opportunity to a future student. The scholarships “revolve” and remain durable and sustainable and the connection between the generations of the alumni gets yet another, very practical and relevant aspect.

Nyenrode Fund

Nyenrode Fund (or Stichting Nyenrode Fonds in Dutch) originated from the Dr.E.B.J.Postma Chair of Entrepreneurship, named after the celebrated rector of Nyenrode from 1950 to 1980. The Fund is run by alumni with the aim of collecting funds to assist students and Nyenrode Business University. As one of it tasks, the Nyenrode Fund manages and financially administers the Nyenrode Revolving scholarship program.

Obligations of the winner

Besides being expected with time to become a donor to the Nyenrode Fund and sponsor a scholarship, the winners of the revolving scholarships are expected to:

  • Commit to the revolving scholarship idea by signing the revolving scholarship agreement
  • Take active part in student and extracurricular activities organized by Nyenrode Business University and Nyenrode Fund
  • Act as Ambassadors for Nyenrode and Nyenrode Revolving Scholarships Program when and wherever possible both during and after completion of the study, assisting in fundraising, promotion of Nyenrode and recruitment of students (eg., stay involved in the selection of the future recipients of the revolving scholarships, eventually together with the original donors)
  • Upon graduation and subsequent departure from campus, will provide Nyenrode Fund with regular updates on his/her current address.
  • In order to continue the Nyenrode traditions, encourage participation in the activities of the Nieuwe Compagnie van Verre (NCV) which forms an integral part of the “Nyenrode experience” and strengthen the bonds with fellow Nyenrode students and alumni, the winner of the revolving scholarship will live on campus during the study at Nyenrode

Scholarship payment

Please note that the revolving scholarships cover tuition fee only and thus can never exceed an amount that equals 100% tuition fee. The revolving scholarship amounts are deducted from the invoices for the tuition fee and are not paid out to the bank accounts of the winners.

Scholarship agreement

To make the moral commitment clear, the winners will be asked to sign a revolving scholarship agreement. Such agreement is merely a declaration of awareness and intentions to donate a scholarship in the future, it is NOT a legal contract and has NO legally binding force. It does not entitle us pursue through the legal system those who will fail to carry out the intentions stated in the agreement. The agreement is to be signed by the winner, Rector Magnificus of the Nyenrode Business Universiteit and, in certain cases, donor of the scholarship.

ANBI-status of SNF and tax deductibility of donations

It is important to mention that SNF has an ANBI organization status (charity organization), which means that all donations made to SNF by Dutch citizens and citizens of other countries who pay Dutch taxes are tax-deductible. If neither applies to you, it might be useful to find out whether the tax regulations of the country where you will work after graduation provide for tax benefits in case of donation to charity in a foreign country. Another way to make tax beneficial donations for Dutch citizens is through “lijfrente”.

Withdrawal from the program

In the event that a winner of a revolving scholarship fails to complete the program or chooses to withdraw (dependent on the reason for withdrawal as discussed with the program director) he/she will be asked to repay 50% of the awarded scholarship amount within a year.

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