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Nyenrode Business Universiteit: A reward for life

Nyenrode was founded in 1946 by visionary business leaders of Dutch multinational companies, such as Akzo, KLM, Philips, Shell, and Unilever with the conviction of making a significant contribution to uplifting post-war society. This act of leadership, entrepreneurship and stewardship shaped our ethos of creating and delivering high quality, action-inclined business education.

In 1992, Nyenrode became independent of the Dutch government subsidies in order to have freedom in selecting talented participants who have the potential of becoming future global leaders. Ever since, Nyenrode Business Universiteit serves society by educating and shaping talented students, managers, and professionals. We develop responsible leaders, entrepreneurs, and organizations through action-oriented education and research.

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Business hub in Europe: Study in Holland

Studyholland LogoThe Netherlands has been recognized throughout history as one of the leading countries in international trade and commerce. The diversity and openness of it’s culture allows the development of global business minds and creative entrepreneurs in a setting where eastern and western philosophies encounter and coexist. Within this context, Nyenrode is the most prestigious business schools and one of Europe’s most respected business universities.

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"For me, Nyenrode meant being part of an elite circle of professionals as well as moving to the next level of my business career"
Zdravka Paskaleva,
Bulgarian, IMBA 2010-2011

"Sharing their (students) ideas about responding to global challenges and interacting with them is an important fuel for me to stay in touch with the next generation of responsible business leaders that Nyenrode is educating"
Harry van Dorenmalen,
Chairman IBM Europe

"Nyenrode gave me the tools, knowledge and space to look into my own life, dive into new opportunities, build my own road and define the path that I will follow"
Gijs Timmer,
Dutch, IMBA 2012-2013

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